Does Anyone Write Letters Anymore?

It is great to get real letters

Coincidentally, on the day this comic appeared in newspapers, I had written and sent off a series of postcards to my sister and her family in London. We don’t write letters to each other very often, but we are fans of postcards, which are far nicer to receive than a post on Instagram, or Facebook.

Junk Mail Cartoons

I loathe junk mail. It is responsible for so much wasted paper and energy. All the mailboxes in our block have “no junk mail” notices and yet we still get leafleted (though not as badly as without the notices). I’ve got fed up of emailing and calling the perpetrators, as they seem to have the same attitude as spammers – as long as they get a couple of customers out of it, it’s worth alienating a whole lot more. (more…)