Keeping Plastic Out of the Sea – Lyttelton Harbour Clean Up

Naval Point, Lyttelton Harbour, New Zealand

I was one of many volunteers to pick up trash in a harbour clean up at Naval Point last Friday. We found a lot of drinks cans and bottles, but the majority of the rubbish was plastic. 

In total we removed 640 kg of rubbish from the harbour and prevented it from entering the ocean. We recycled in excess of 330 items.

I’m Fed Up of Loom Bands

Kids (and some adults) have gone crazy for loom bands. You can make these little plastic bands into bracelets, bags and even dresses and you can pick up packs of bands for only a quid ($1.50) or so.loom1

But the little bands are easy to lose or let go of and they are getting everywhere and, much like cigarette butts, they are ending up in waterways and washing out to sea. I picked these two bands up in a pristine cove in Cornwall, floating on the sea surface and you can be sure that there are plenty more being eaten by fish and polluting our oceans.the loom bands I found floating in the sea in Cornwall