Penguin Chat in South Melbourne

The Penguin Symposium will be happening in South Melbourne Community Hall this Sunday. No actual penguins will be coming, but lots of people will be talking about them. I’ll be doing a little presentation on penguins in cartoons.

Midge Bristol Investigates Little Penguins cartoon clipping

Part of a Midge Bristol cartoon on Little Penguins

The first presentation starts from 11 am and the symposium will finish at 3 pm.  Lunch and afternoon tea will be provided (so please RSVP to symposium itierary (more…)

Another Artist Mixing Penguins and Polar Bears

If I could start over again, I wouldn’t have penguins migrate to the Arctic in my strip – it is something I have to explain a lot – penguins should not be hanging out with polar bears (or speaking, for that mattter…). But I’m not the only one doing it and I was enchanted to receive this image in the mail from fellow artist and perpetrator, Erik Brooks : (more…)