The Punchline of This Cartoon Came From The Alternative Reality We Seem to Be Living In

I wrote this cartoon when Trump started threatening Korea, as Kim Jong-un showed off his new military toys and boasted about his intercontinental nuclear missile capability. The truth is, that even New Zealand probably won’t be safe if they start firing nuclear warheads at each other.

Let’s hope we never find out for sure.

A contentious cartoon about renewable energy

Nuclear power is the answer

Nuclear power versus renewable energy

This cartoon raised the ire of some readers, because Hector can’t really think of why he doesn’t support renewable energy and flippantly says it’s because it looks funny. Of course there are problems with the efficiency of wind and solar and in storing that energy, but it is still early days for the renewables industry. If half as much money invested in fossil fuel and nuclear research had been used to subsidise wind and solar in the last fifty years, we would be seeing much better wind and solar energy generation. (more…)