Back in New Zealand

I arrived back in New Zealand this month.

I’m up against my deadlines again for Arctic Circle (the strip below was a recent favourite),
cartoon about the internet going downand I started running the new cartoons for my Doodle Diary on Which means more deadlines. As well as Reasons to Be Cheerful, I’m documenting some of my life here in Lyttelton with a New Zealand Diary. New Zealand flax Being away for so long has given me a newcomer’s perspective again, so it is an opportunity to illustrate the things that are different to life in Europe. There is a lot I remember from being here before, people who are still here and the natural wonders that attracted me in the first place. But things have changed in the country as a whole and with Lyttelton in particular. It and the rest of Christchurch are still recovering from the earthquake that struck in 2011.

We Love Lyttelton

Lyttelton Harbour in 2005

Photo taken from the Bridle Path above Lyttelton in 2005

I moved to Lyttelton in 2004, met my boyfriend there that same year (he had a flat at number 6, London Street and I had a studio above it) and lived in the town for 4 years. I helped the boyf and Project Lyttelton (PL) set up the Lyttelton Farmers Market in 2005. It has run every week since the first Saturday in September 2005 and last weekend was the first time it didn’t  happen (it even ran on the day of the September earthquake last year). PL are hoping it will go ahead next week. (more…)