Have You Ever Felt Like Living in Another Country?

I’ve been very lucky as a cartoonist in the era of the internet. I’ve been able to work from almost anywhere. Because of my UK-Kiwi citizenship, I’ve also been able to live in a lot of places. So I’ve lived and worked in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

But I always wanted to live somewhere where they didn’t speak English, where I could learn the language. I am rubbish at languages and hated trying to learn French and German in school. But Spanish is more logical. The way it is written is the way it is pronounced, once you learn the basic rules (unlike English: pare, pear, pair!!!). If I was going to be able to learn any language, it was going to be Spanish. I also wanted to live fairly near my family in the UK for a while. So Spain was the obvious destination.

Hondarribia Cider Festival

There are a lot of distractions in this little town. We’ve had a bonfire festival and a blues festival. Last weekend, there was a cider festival. It was happening right outside our flat, so there was no avoiding it… We paid our 5 euros to get a glass that got us one pintxo (either a bit of chorizo, or a slice of tortilla – Spanish omelette) and an unlimited amount of cider.cider-festival