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Is There Any Pristine Wilderness Left?


These strips were written after I read that our rubbish has reached the Mariana Trench (see: 

Cartoon Angler fish from Mariana Trench

Depressed Cartoon Angler fish from Mariana Trench

Are there any parts of the Earth untouched by our pollution, I wonder?

Be a Womble, Not a Tosser

I can’t stand litter. No matter how much we educate kids, or make dropping litter seem uncool (I particularly like posters like the one below), there will always be a few idiots who drop it. But I figure that if there were enough people like us who not only didn’t drop litter, but also picked up the litter they found (modern Wombles, as it were), then everywhere would look a hell of a lot better and we wouldn’t have the problems associated with plastic getting into our waterways (and ultimately our food chain).

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