Visiting Eco Homes in Frome

At the weekend, it was Frome Open Homes, where you could see what other people were doing to minimise their environmental impact. From new builds to retrofitting; insulation to food growing; it was a diverse mix.

The places I visited included an old house where the double glazed conservatory was retrofitted to become quadruple glazed and a swanky barn conversion which used the River Frome to provide hydropower to put into the grid – enough for more than 130 homes.

Frome With a View: Work in Progress

At the end of last year, the boyf, dog and I moved to Frome, a small town in Somerset (and thankfully, given the deluge, on a hill.). It’s a creative place and I found out about Frome Open Studios through a meeting of artists in The Old Bath Arms (most meetings seem to happen in pubs here – I went to Green Drinks last night and that was in The Archangel). A couple of weeks later, I was enrolled and committed to doing an exhibition in July. It’s called Frome With a View (Frome is pronounced Froom) and it is going to be about the town from a cartoonist’s perspective.