Give a Gift That’s Sure to Be a Hit This Christmas

Are you racking your brains over what to buy that tricky person who has everything, the eco-nut who doesn’t want more stuff, or someone who could do with a good laugh?

How about the first Arctic Circle collection? It’s exclusively available as an ebook and works on the iPad, Nook and Kindle. If you can’t access their e-reader to download it for them, then attach this note to get it for them later….

Good Food

inside melbourne exhibition building

Taste of Melbourne - Inside the Exhibition Building

The boyf won tickets for Taste of Melbourne last week. I was expecting I would get bored after the initial (very overpriced) dishes from the restaurant stalls, but it wasn’t too bad.

Green and Black Chocolate Fountain

For starters there were a lot of chocolate and ice cream companies giving out free samples. The marshmallows dipped in Green and Black's chocolate fountain were to die for and only bettered by Gundowring Golden Syrup icecream worth going to purgatory for.