It’s a Hot and Dry Summer Here in New Zealand

Canterbury is one of the driest areas in New Zealand but even by Canterbury standards this summer has been exceptionally dry and there is a worry that we may have forest fires of the like that the Nelson area has been experiencing. My folks are visiting in March, so I’m sure it will rain then, but I’m hoping that it rains tonight, as forecast, as we need it.

Desalination Plants

The boyf sent me an article from the New York Times about the desalination plants that are springing up in Australia. Despite recent rains, Australia is still a country that suffers from drought and has to plan for providing water for a growing population. Unfortunately, more effort is going into making drinking water from the sea than into conserving the water we have (or collecting it from rain). The target water use is 155 litres per person per day and it’s a target a lot of people miss. Why? We use about 40 litres a day. For the two of us. Clearly, behavioural changes could save a lot of water. (more…)