My New (ish) Toy

I’ve been back in the UK since last August and after a terrible winter, we’ve been rewarded with a fabulous summer. Since we live just 4 minutes walk from the beach and the Axe River runs into the estuary at the far end, it’s the perfect place to have a kayak. I bought one second hand on eBay about a month ago and I’ve been out on it a couple of times a week since.Sit on top ocean kayak


I have been trying to catch mackerel (still a sustainable fish to eat) with a handline, but haven’t had any success so far (though I was gifted a pollack one time by another fisherman when I was out in the kayak. I think this counts!). This morning I went out again. Still no fish, but the kayak was the perfect receptacle for all the seaweed that has washed up on the beach after the storms. I’ll use it to make seaweed tea to feed my veggies and then it will become a garden mulch, or go into the compost. If I had cut the sea lettuce off fresh, I’d give eating it a try!



Love Your Coast – Seaton’s Big Clean 2013

Wherever we have lived, we’ve picked up litter, but it is lovely to get involved with a big group of litter pickers every now and again.

We ignored the sign-in, t-shirt hand out and tedious health and safety briefing and got to work on the beach straight away (At high tide, gasp! how dangerous….).
 As we worked our way down the beach, we encountered the properly debriefed and high-vis vested litter pickers en masse.
 Most of the litter we picked up was plastic, with a distressing amount of discarded fishing line, a lot of bottle tops and dog poo that had been bagged, only to be left on the beach (a pet peeve).

It was good to get involved and nice to see such a great turn out (and that there is a lot less litter here than in St Kilda, Melbourne.).