Genetically Modified Cartoons II

I learnt about genetic engineering of organisms in university and it seemed like an answer to so many problems – increasing food yield and pest resistance, cleaning up oil spills and other pollution, medical therapies…. I’m not opposed to it in principal, but I’m opposed to the way it is viciously guarded by some of its patent holders (Monsanto springs to mind).


The tunnel under Flinders Street is bloody brilliant

Update 11th Feb: And it flooded today but people kept walking through

The tunnel from Flinders Street Station, Platform 1 has always enthralled me. First of all, it pops out by the waffle stand in Degraves Street, like some glorious secret passageway. Second, it has just sprouted a new coffee shop, which I will try, when I have my keepcup with me, as I didn’t want to take a disposable cup. (more…)