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Online Activism Cartoon

We are in the midst of a terrible election campaign in Australia. Neither major party is looking attractive right now, with climate change action (an important part of Kevin Rudd’s campaign) having fallen off the agenda. It makes me feel really frustrated with the system (though I can’t vote here, as I am not a citizen) and I wish that the parties would respond to the mounting tide of organisations fighting for action on climate change. Perhaps they just aren’t doing it right. (more…)

A Cartoonist With a Pension?

An elderly Oscar the penguin

It's hard to think about getting old

I was recently floored by a question that I have never had from a client in 11 years of full time cartooning:

Do you have a superannuation fund (Australian pension)…?

and even more surprisingly:

…because we would like to pay into it.

I replied that cartoonists don’t retire – we keep working until we die at the drawing board. The client persisted: (more…)

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