Gwen Joins the Arctic Circle Cast

I’ve been writing this incarnation of ¬†Arctic Circle for over three years and despite being a female cartoonist, the main cast of seven are all male (it’s sort of a default setting for animal characters without eyelashes). When I wrote the Antarctica series, I had great fun with the introduction of a female character, Gwen. So I’ve brought her back. I’m not sure if she’ll stay – I’ve been writing more strips with her in this week – we’ll see how things work out. (more…)

Tim Burton the Cartoonist

a mere 19 dollars entry...

The Tim Burton Exhibition at the ACMI

I never really thought of Tim Burton, the film director, as a cartoonist, but the guy definitely shows the symptoms in his ACMI exhibition. Masses of drawings, a vivid imagination and the desire to tell a story, even in just one panel. You couldn’t take photos, so I had fun trying to sketch some of what I saw. (more…)

The World of Jonathan Lemon

One of the great things about this US trip was consolidating several cartoonist friendships I’ve made over the internet. I had a hunch that I was really going to like Jonathan Lemon – he is another expat Brit and his cartoons have a wonderful quirky but friendly sensibility that comes from exactly the same traits in him. He and Julia made the boyf and I very welcome and we were sorry to leave. (more…)