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A Cartoonist With a Pension?

An elderly Oscar the penguin

It's hard to think about getting old

I was recently floored by a question that I have never had from a client in 11 years of full time cartooning:

Do you have a superannuation fund (Australian pension)…?

and even more surprisingly:

…because we would like to pay into it.

I replied that cartoonists don’t retire – we keep working until we die at the drawing board. The client persisted: (more…)

Gwen Joins the Arctic Circle Cast

I’ve been writing this incarnation of ¬†Arctic Circle for over three years and despite being a female cartoonist, the main cast of seven are all male (it’s sort of a default setting for animal characters without eyelashes). When I wrote the Antarctica series, I had great fun with the introduction of a female character, Gwen. So I’ve brought her back. I’m not sure if she’ll stay – I’ve been writing more strips with her in this week – we’ll see how things work out. (more…)

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