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King Features’ Cartoonists’ Work Spaces

I love taking a look at where other cartoonists work and can never resist studio tours, which is why I asked intrepid KF reporter, Tea Fougner to investigate where other KF cartoonists work.

I love Terry LaBan’s attic, but Tony DePaul’s workspace was my favourite:


You can see more here:

RABBITS AGAINST MAGIC: Trickle Down Development

One of my favourite strips is Rabbits Against Magic by good buddy, Jonathan Lemon (who likes to be known as Lemon, as does another good buddy of mine who used to be called Lesley, though I think that was for a different reason and I’m sure this is too much information…)

He has a nice infographical cartoonything on today’s blog – take a look! (more…)

If I was in the UK, I’d go to this illustration exhibition

three polar bears make snowballs to bowl at penguins

A wonderful cartoon by Mike Williams, who also has the audacity to mix polar bears with penguins

From the Bloghorn: The annual Illustrators show [has just opened] at the Chris Beetles Gallery in St James’s, London and runs until January 8.

The Illustrators 2010 showcases many of Britain’s best loved and most respected illustrators and cartoonists from the past two centuries.

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