Tramping in New Zealand (Newsletter Extract)

I discovered that Oxford Forest allows dogs, plus the tracks take you through native forest (you can see photos on my other blog) with the sound of bellbirds all around.It had been years since I had done an overnight walk and camp and I consulted my essential tramping list to make sure I didn’t forget anything:

Great Great Ocean Walk

I’m running a little behind on my work this week, as last week the boyf and I took time out to hike part of the Great Ocean Walk with our friend, Clare. We did a 3 day section from Johanna Beach to Princetown and stayed overnight in 3 campsites, so had to carry all our camping gear – about 15 kilos each until we started drinking the wine and eating the food. We were lucky with the weather, having only some light rain when we walked and some sun when it counted. My favourite part was Milanesia Beach and it was a shame that all the camp sites had to be so far from the beaches, as I would have enjoyed a few more swims. (more…)