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The boyf, Billie and I used to live in Melbourne. Before we moved back to the UK, we did one last trip around Australia. Travelling in Australia with a dog can be challenging (you can’t go into National Parks and they are banned from a lot of beaches, or have to be on leash a lot of the time) and we found that the further we were from the big cities, the better our experience. I wrote up those experiences for an eBook called Dog Down Under.

Sustainably managed forest and nice chopping boards too

When the boyf and I were in Cann River we came across these beautiful chopping boards made from local hardwood and bought one for home and one for traveling (they weigh a ton!).chopping boardschopping boards made from sustainably managed australian hardwood

Boyf contacted the guy who makes them and got this response:

Thankyou for purchasing our cutting boards at Cann River Cafe.  The timber used in these boards is local native hardwood, predominantly the species Eucalyptus Sieberi (common name Silvertop) with on occassion other species such as cuttail, brown stringy or even messmate included.  Garry also makes a board which is southern mahogany (now renamed Snowy River Red Gum) and silvertop.  Garry was the first sawmiller in East Gippsland to specialise in silvertop and has been in the industry since childhood as his father and three uncles started milling in May 1952.