2 thoughts on “March 10, 2018

  1. after a 84 day, 16 country trip i can assure you water fountains are sadly extinct. not sure why everyone all of the sudden needs to buy bottled water but trust me if you haed to the Maldives you can find where all the bottlles have gone, they are in Harbours, along beaches,,in water and at the guest house I stayed at on Thoddo island they hand out a bottle of water to every guest with breakfast,,lunch, dinner and if you go snorkeling or diving or do anything at all they give you a bottle of water.

    when you extrapalate how many guest come through a year multiplied byy 3 bottles minnimum a day, plus the excursions multiplied by all guest houses on island the number of water bottles is mind boggling.

    then i watched people go,to a store and buy bottles of water which are put into,plastic bags and then the bags are thrown along with the bottles by the wayside.

    some countries are starting to ban the bottles but here at home they recently gave a new bottling company a discount on the water they use…it is regular tap water they bottle and sell at a premium.

    • That is terrible, though I know there are moves in countries like the UK to ban single use plastics. Let’s hope more countries do that before we are drowning in them.

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