Tasmania Trip Photos

The boyf and I went to Tasmania and loved it. It’s not all beautiful – there is a lot of heavy industry, mining and forestry, but the other scenery is fantastic, the wildlfe is incredbible and the people were, for the most part, friendly (the exception being the woman in the “British” pub in Deloraine who must have sniffed me out as one of the “greenies” she loathes). Mouse over for captions… (more…)

Out With the Little Penguin Research Team

This is my fourth year of volunteering with Earthcare to look after the penguins on the breakwater. Last night, I took up the invitation to go out with the research team which goes out every second Sunday to measure the penguins. This involves rock-hopping and trying to grab the penguins as they run for cover. Not easy and I didn’t catch any (frankly, I was happy just to watch and help pass on the caught birds), but the team caught a lot and microchipped all the birds which didn’t have a chip and were big enough (over 650g – fully grown birds are about a kilo) to be injected with one. Just like dogs, the chip is injected into the scruff of the neck. (more…)

Wombats, Wilson’s Promontory and Workshops

Living and working in a one bedroom flat, with a small courtyard, I dream of studios/workshops etc. On the way to Wilson’s Promontory National Park in Victoria, we discovered this talented artist in Fish Creek. Andrew McPherson works with old materials, including a lot of old metal. I’m kicking myself for not having bought one of his pieces due to a lack of cash at the time. (more…)