Back From Spain

The boyf and I just spent a couple of weeks in Spain on a bit of a fact-finding trip. We are hoping to live there at some point and get our Spanish to a better level (we used it a lot on the trip, as most of our encounters were with people who didn’t speak any English). Enjoyed driving around the Basque country and La Rioja, eating amazing food and drinking fabulous wine.

Botanical Painting Takes a Lot of Patience

Having recently moved to the area, I thought that taking some local classes would be a good way of getting out and about and meeting people (cartooning is a solitary experience). I’m doing an Art Class in Axminster on a Thursday and today there was a very  good botanical artist visiting.

Trisha Hayman does painstaking work. She collects leaves, shells, feathers and other botanical specimens and then paints them dot by dot. Her work was inspiring, but I knew that I’d struggle to replicate the technique. I have very little patience and completely messed up my first study (a stone!).

Working at Home… Back in the UK

After nine years in New Zealand and Australia, Billie and I are back in the UK (well, I’m back – it’s all new to Bill, though he is adjusting well and loves the English footpaths and pubs that allow him inside). The boyf is supposed to be with us, but because of a paperwork stuff up (less said about this, the better), he is in his native US, filling in a lot of forms and assembling a mass of documentation to prove that we are a true partnership and that he won’t run down the UK welfare state.