Working at Home… Back in the UK

After nine years in New Zealand and Australia, Billie and I are back in the UK (well, I’m back – it’s all new to Bill, though he is adjusting well and loves the English footpaths and pubs that allow him inside). The boyf is supposed to be with us, but because of a paperwork stuff up (less said about this, the better), he is in his native US, filling in a lot of forms and assembling a mass of documentation to prove that we are a true partnership and that he won’t run down the UK welfare state.

How (Not) to Kickflip a Skateboard Comic Strip

I was in a sweet little cafe (Pigeon Hole) in Hobart when I came across a great magazine called Soda. One of the articles (see page 39) really grabbed me – how to kickflip a skateboard. Now the last time I got on a skateboard I was about 9 years old and on my cousins’ very steep driveway… I’ve never been on one since (being fond of intact limbs, etc.), but I still find skate culture fascinating and can easily while away valuable brainstorming time watching kids who are much less risk-averse than me doing crazy things at the skate bowl in Elsternwick Park. So I left it to Oscar the Penguin to see if he could master the kickflip and this is the resulting Sunday cartoon.