Repairing Stuff With Sugru

Rainy Day Update: Testing the adhesive properties of sugru with a boot that sprang a leak

I can’t stand it when things get thrown away because it is too hard to repair them. I have a 60 year old toaster, which I’ve had repaired twice because of burnt out elements (apparently, cleaning the toaster tray out more often prevents this…). Each time, I’ve had to scour the city I lived in for someone who was prepared to do it as nearly everyone tells you to buy a new toaster. I don’t want a new toaster. I just want my old one to work. I’ve had to beg guys to do this repair, even though it ends up costing $25 to do (and I think they take pity on me and charge me less than they should). (more…)

Shorter Showers

The drought that I came into when I arrived in Melbourne over 3 years ago seems to be at an end (the dams are over 60%, more than double what they were in 2008), but  we are still in the habit of saving water. It makes sense because water has a cost to it – the energy needed to transport and purify it (unless you have a rainwater tank on the roof). We also save a lot of money on our bills by using about 50 litres a day (versus the 155 litres per person, which is the target for our state…. what are people using all that water for???) and I still enjoy my baths (I am English)!

Saving Paper – Online Comic Strips

I still use a lot of paper, but I get my rough paper (for doodling ideas) from a connection at the council (lots of paper, only printed on one side). My originals are drawn small and thanks to a suggestion from Lemon, I now fit two dailies onto one A4 sheet and use half the paper I used to. Sanity and repetitive strain injury keep me from doing all my work digitally.