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Saving Paper – Online Comic Strips

I still use a lot of paper, but I get my rough paper (for doodling ideas) from a connection at the council (lots of paper, only printed on one side). My originals are drawn small and thanks to a suggestion from Lemon, I now fit two dailies onto one A4 sheet and use half the paper I used to. Sanity and repetitive strain injury keep me from doing all my work digitally.

Shepherds/Sailors Take Warning

After sending in this cartoonRed sky in the morning, shepherd's warning

I got this message:

Panel 2 seems to be another Briticism, between “shepherds take warning” (UK) and “sailors take warning” (US). “Sailor” returns more Google hits, and I’d never heard the “shepherd” version before myself; but it seems to be an accepted variant of the rhyme even if it’s use is more limited. Do you think it would be confusing enough to readers to warrant a change?


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