Arctic Circle eBook is Now in Stores

Available Now: The Arctic Circle eBook
The first collection of Arctic Circle comics is now out. It contains over a hundred tip-top-tastic comic strips, and devotes a chapter to each of the characters, as well as describing how the strip came to be syndicated five years ago.

This is the perfect introduction to Arctic Circle and a reminder of why it is one of the best environmentally friendly comic strips out there. You can buy it for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch on the iBookstore, or for your computer on

Saving Paper – Online Comic Strips

I still use a lot of paper, but I get my rough paper (for doodling ideas) from a connection at the council (lots of paper, only printed on one side). My originals are drawn small and thanks to a suggestion from Lemon, I now fit two dailies onto one A4 sheet and use half the paper I used to. Sanity and repetitive strain injury keep me from doing all my work digitally.