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Shepherds/Sailors Take Warning

After sending in this cartoonRed sky in the morning, shepherd's warning

I got this message:

Panel 2 seems to be another Briticism, between “shepherds take warning” (UK) and “sailors take warning” (US). “Sailor” returns more Google hits, and I’d never heard the “shepherd” version before myself; but it seems to be an accepted variant of the rhyme even if it’s use is more limited. Do you think it would be confusing enough to readers to warrant a change?


Brainstorming in Melbourne

I had a day to come up with ideas for Arctic Circle yesterday and started by cycling to the Botanic Gardens and wandering around the recently refurbished Guilfoyle’s Volcano. I then biked on to the State Library where the children’s book illustration exhibition sucked up over an hour of my time. Great original art, sketchbooks and interviews by illustrators including the charming Leigh Hobbs and the awe-inspiring Shaun Tan.Art of Australian Picture Books exhibition is on at State Library of Victoria until the end of May

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