In the UK, NZ and Australia (as far as I know), “homely” means cosy, home-like, comfortable… so this strip makes sense here:

But in the US it’s different:

Hi Alex. In US papers, there will probably be some confusion around the word “homely” in the 6/20 strip: In American usage, that word is almost exclusively used to mean “unattractive” or “ugly,” which completely changes the meaning of the center panels. (For “homelike,” we’d use “homey.”) 


Rejected Roughs of the Fortnight

This Sunday was rejected because

 This isn’t really an ARCTIC CIRCLE comic — it’s just a comic about the absurdity of Shakespearian actors, and you’ve used AC as the vehicle to tell the joke. If you’re going to do this, I don’t think you should use the Sunday stage. Do you object?

I don’t – he’s right – I wrote this after watching Hamlet. (more…)

Can’t Get Political – Rejected Cartoon

My editor’s right of course. I argued that this isn’t about politics, it’s about bad journalism: Fox news may be far right of centre, but my beef with it is that it is a source of disinformation. BB argued that it wouldn’t be seen that way – it would be seen as an attack on right wing politics. He’s right: unfortunately, too many right wing politicians ally themselves with bad science and the fear of people who don’t look like us.