Arctic Sea Ice is Being Lost Quicker Than Ever

The Earth Policy Institute reports that sea ice is being lost from the Arctic more and more rapidly:

The North Pole is losing its ice cap. Comparing recent melt seasons with historical records spanning more than 1,400 years shows summer Arctic sea ice in free fall.  Many scientists believe that the Arctic Ocean will be ice-free in the summertime within the next decade or two, and some say that this could occur as early as 2016.  The last time the Arctic was completely free of ice may have been 125,000 years ago.


eBook Everywhere!

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Nurdles Sound Cute But Really Pollute

Nurdles are the tiny little pieces of plastic used by factories to make plastic things. They are shipped around the world and some of them go astray. Because plastic takes a long time to break down, nurdles are increasing in number and spreading through the oceans, looking just like bit of food for fish and other marine creatures. It would be nice if fish could process them as in today’s cartoon, but in reality we should be making sure they don’t get into our oceans and waterways instead.