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Sea Ice, Hunting, Polar Bears and the Inuit

This cartoon caused some comment on Daily Ink:

Posted 04/07/2012, 06:53am

Why take a job with a major oil company when you can continue your prehistoric subsistence life-style so admired by the Greenies?

Posted 04/07/2012, 08:32am

I remember back in the Seventies when they wanted to ban Snowmobiles in the north. Inuit were not impressed.

Posted 04/07/2012, 11:16am

This type of thing may have been true in the 1960s and ’70s, but today, Inuit advise Environment Canada & the Nunavut Dept. of Environment in regards to environmental and land management (called the Elders Advisory Committee or Inutuqait Mianiksijiit Angngutiksanik). (I’m kind of into Arctic Studies!) (more…)

Welcome to the New Normal Weather

From the National Oceanic and Atmostpheric Administration (NOAA):

Updated each decade, the U.S. Climate Normals are 30-year averages of many pieces of weather information collected from thousands of weather stations nationwide. Each time they are updated, an old decade is dropped, and a new one added. Starting in July, when you hear that a day was hotter, or colder, or rainier than normal, that ”normal” will be a little different from what it was in the past.


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