By Request: A Cartoon on Ocean Acidification

My friend, Vicki sent me a message a while back, which included this:

… as I’m progressing through the development of my research, I can’t help being slightly alarmed by the fact that in the marine science circles, there are really serious and pressing concerns about ocean acidification, but this doesn’t seem to be a conversation that’s being had in the broader public arena.  See, for example:

Deadline Crazy for Arctic Circle and Cartooning Book

I’m gearing up for a trip to the US  in a couple of weeks (for the National Cartoonist Society shindig in Pittsburg, which also happens to be the boyf’s homecity, as he grew up in Sewickley, up the road). That means I’m still chasing my Arctic Circle deadlines as well as those for the book on cartooning I’m supplying chapters for.