Interview in the Washington Post for World Oceans Day

I  was interviewed by Michael Cavna yesterday for the Washington Post for World Oceans Day. Michael Cavna is a cartoonist and Comic Riffs columnist, so it was great to be asked questions by someone who knows his stuff. 

You can read the article here:

Does Anyone Write Letters Anymore?

It is great to get real letters

Coincidentally, on the day this comic appeared in newspapers, I had written and sent off a series of postcards to my sister and her family in London. We don’t write letters to each other very often, but we are fans of postcards, which are far nicer to receive than a post on Instagram, or Facebook.

Drones are Fantastic. In the Right Place.

Gordon goes hunting...

When I first saw a drone on a technology show, it struck me how incredibly useful they would be. And they are. Now, even the lowest budget TV programs and movies have fantastic drone photography. Drones can find lost, or injured hikers and they can sometimes be successfully employed in animal conservation (though maybe not for rhinos: