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Drones are Fantastic. In the Right Place.

Gordon goes hunting...

When I first saw a drone on a technology show, it struck me how incredibly useful they would be. And they are. Now, even the lowest budget TV programs and movies have fantastic drone photography. Drones can find lost, or injured hikers and they can sometimes be successfully employed in animal conservation (though maybe not for rhinos:

Ribadesella, Spain and Ceramic Cartoon Art


We are back from a trip to Asturias (the boyf likes to fly fish, I like to surf and Billie likes sleeping with us in our tent) and we loved it as much as the first time we went, last year.

Billie loves the tent

On Monday, we checked out the seaside town of Ribadesella. It was a beautiful spot, with an estuarine river that loops inside the old town and around the newer part, with its mansions built with the riches brought back from the colonies in the Americas in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Is There Any Pristine Wilderness Left?


These strips were written after I read that our rubbish has reached the Mariana Trench (see: 

Cartoon Angler fish from Mariana Trench

Depressed Cartoon Angler fish from Mariana Trench

Are there any parts of the Earth untouched by our pollution, I wonder?

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