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Frome With a View: Milk Street Painting

Frome With a View Painting: Milk Street
Here’s a quick screen shot of a painting I’ve done for Frome Open Studios, inspired by my local (pub), The Griffin. It is on Milk Street, opposite this sign and has a brewery (The Milk Street Brewery). It also has a pool room upstairs, where I am the undefeated champion at table football.

But I’ve only played one person.

Any takers?

Frome With a View: Work in Progress

At the end of last year, the boyf, dog and I moved to Frome, a small town in Somerset (and thankfully, given the deluge, on a hill.). It’s a creative place and I found out about Frome Open Studios through a meeting of artists in The Old Bath Arms (most meetings seem to happen in pubs here – I went to Green Drinks last night and that was in The Archangel). A couple of weeks later, I was enrolled and committed to doing an exhibition in July. It’s called Frome With a View (Frome is pronounced Froom) and it is going to be about the town from a cartoonist’s perspective.

Here’s one of my first sketches:


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