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British cartoonist and writer, living in the Basque Country, but based in New Zealand.

Signs of Penguins – Road Trip to Otago

Billie and I went on a mini-road trip south this weekend. We stopped off in Oamaru, which is famous for its penguins. As well as the little blue penguin, there is a colony of yellow-eyed penguins (hoiho), which are only found in New Zealand. It is threatened by fishing nets, climate change and disease and dogs aren’t allowed anywhere near them, so the closest we got was this:

Keeping Plastic Out of the Sea – Lyttelton Harbour Clean Up

Naval Point, Lyttelton Harbour, New Zealand

I was one of many volunteers to pick up trash in a harbour clean up at Naval Point last Friday. We found a lot of drinks cans and bottles, but the majority of the rubbish was plastic. 

In total we removed 640 kg of rubbish from the harbour and prevented it from entering the ocean. We recycled in excess of 330 items.