About alex

British cartoonist and writer, living in the Basque Country, but based in New Zealand.

Working on a Middle Grade Book: Friends Against Bullies

I spend just over half my working week on Arctic Circle. The rest of the time is spent working for other clients (like for CSIRO in Australia, doing a comic for their science magazine for kids, which you can see here on my website). This year, I’ve been carving out some time for a middle grade book, The FAB (Friends Against Bullies) Club.

Happy Holidays From Hondarribia

It’s not feeling very Christmassy here in Northern Spain. It has been 20 degrees C and it should be about 10, but in truth, it is like an everlasting summer. I’ve been out paddle boarding on the river Bidasoa and tomorrow I plan to go for a surf. Great fun, but not Christmassy. At least it gets dark at night and there are Christmas lights and decorations to enjoy.

King Features Centenary – Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

King Features has just turned a hundred. It has been fantastic to be a King Features cartoonist for a mere 8% of its history. I’m grateful for the opportunity it has given me to share Arctic Circle with comics fans all over the world.

Congratulations and thank you to the late Jay Kennedy, Brendan Burford and all the King Features crew who have given me the best job of my life.