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British cartoonist and writer, living in the Basque Country, but based in New Zealand.

Second Hand Shopping in Spain

buying second hand TV from thrift store

It is hard to buy second hand in Spain, but we got a tip off about one second hand store that exists in Irun (turns out there is one in San Sebastian too). It’s run by Emaus Traperos and it’s HUGE! Traperos-de-Emaus

They had everything…. including the kitchen sink….


We were able to get ourselves a few things including a TV for 18 euros. A helpful lad explained how to get an adaptor (TDT) to receive the digital channels. After a trip to Al Campo (vast supermarket), we got what we needed and set it up and it works! This should help us learn a bit more Spanish. And get addicted to telenovelas….

Hondarribia Cider Festival

There are a lot of distractions in this little town. We’ve had a bonfire festival and a blues festival. Last weekend, there was a cider festival. It was happening right outside our flat, so there was no avoiding it… We paid our 5 euros to get a glass that got us one pintxo (either a bit of chorizo, or a slice of tortilla – Spanish omelette) and an unlimited amount of cider.cider-festival

Stand Up Paddle-Boarding With a Dog

AC150717cLast year, I met a woman who was using an inflatable stand up paddle board (SUP) in Lyme Regis cove, in Dorset. She let me have a go and I was hooked. I used the money I made in my Frome With a View exhibition to buy my own board. It’s still pretty hefty, at about 13 kilos (29 lbs), but I’m able to put it in my body board backpack and carry it around town. Since we live about 10 minutes walk from the water, that is a Good Thing.