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Book Club – John Updike’s ‘Rabbit Run’


Fellow twitterer, Alan Garner recommended John Updike’s ‘Rabbit Run’ for book club and then promptly buggered off back to Blighty (after I had redesigned his twitter icon, too!). We will miss his erudite musings, though I’m not sure about the book…quite misogynistic, but written in 1959 and published 1961, so things were different then. (more…)


I was reading an interesting Treehugger article about more environmentally-friendly concrete this week. Concrete from Portland cement produces a lot of carbon dioxide in its manufacture, but is very useful as a heat sink for passive solar heating. Now it looks like there is a very real alternative to Portland cement in the form of “E-crete” made from fly ash – a by-product of burning coal and something that is currently hard to get rid of. Buildings made from this stuff have lasted a very long time and the production means an 80-90% reduction in carbon emissions. (more…)