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British cartoonist and writer, living in the Basque Country, but based in New Zealand.

An Inconvenient Sequel – Much More Positive Than I Expected

I had my first opportunity to see An Inconvenient Sequel this week and it left me feeling more positive about the future.

We are in the process of moving from Spain to New Zealand and taking a couple of months in the UK to sort out stuff (including sending our dog and Duncan’s Land Rover). This month, we are in Totnes, which is near-ish a good mechanic for the Land Rover, has great walks for the dog, is surrounded by trout rivers for Duncan and is a short drive from super beaches for me. Totnes was one of the first Transition Towns and has many environmentally-minded residents. So it was no surprise that An Inconvenient Sequel would have a well-attending showing in nearby Dartington. I walked there, via the river and through the massive Dartington estate.

The Punchline of This Cartoon Came From The Alternative Reality We Seem to Be Living In

I wrote this cartoon when Trump started threatening Korea, as Kim Jong-un showed off his new military toys and boasted about his intercontinental nuclear missile capability. The truth is, that even New Zealand probably won’t be safe if they start firing nuclear warheads at each other.

Let’s hope we never find out for sure.

A Truth – You Can Do Something About Climate Change

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power cartoon 6

The sequel to An Inconvenient Truth, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power opens this weekend.

In recognition of how the original movie inspired people to act, a special series of Arctic Circle comic strips have been created this week, to highlight how climate change is affecting the Arctic. You can read more about this in the New York Times.