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British cartoonist and writer, living in the Basque Country, but based in New Zealand.

It’s a Hot and Dry Summer Here in New Zealand

Canterbury is one of the driest areas in New Zealand but even by Canterbury standards this summer has been exceptionally dry and there is a worry that we may have forest fires of the like that the Nelson area has been experiencing. My folks are visiting in March, so I’m sure it will rain then, but I’m hoping that it rains tonight, as forecast, as we need it.

Illustrated Epistle Extract: Our First Proper Kiwi Christmas Vacation (It’s Summer Here)



Normally we would never ever go away between Christmas and New Year in New Zealand. It often rains and isn’t that warm. And everybody is on holiday, as this is the big summer school holiday. New Zealand is as busy as it gets (which, admittedly isn’t busy by UK standards, but  means crazy drivers on the roads and premium prices in accommodation). But one of my sisters was coming over from London with her family and the other sister had booked a bach for us all up in the north of the North Island, the Coromandel.