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Arctic Circle – Having Fun in a Changing World

Arctic Circle is about three penguins who have migrated from the Antarctic to the small town of Snowpeak within the Arctic Circle.

The penguins have joined a polar bear, a snow bunny, a lemming and an Arctic tern. Collectively, they deal with everything the 21st century has to throw at them, including climate change, fashion, Facebook and genetically modified organisms gone wild. Arctic Circle was nominated for Best Comic Strip at the Australian Cartoonists’ Association’s Stanley Awards in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Alex Hallatt

After getting a degree in biochemistry and working seven years in the pharmaceutical industry, Alex Hallatt got her first newspaper cartoonist job in 1999. She worked for Brighton, England’s daily newspaper for four years, creating a topical cartoon panel and a daily comic strip. In 2003, she emigrated from the U.K. to New Zealand and on to Australia after that. Arctic Circle was launched into syndication by King Features in 2007. After nine years down under, Alex returned to the U.K., taking her American boyfriend and Kiwi dog with her.

In 2015, they headed to the Basque Country (to learn Spanish. Basque is hard.). 

Hondarribia in the Basque Country

Alex Hallatt’s current home is in the old town of Hondarribia in the Basque Country

When she is not at the drawing board, Alex is a keen hiker, camper, cyclist, stand-up-paddle-boarder and wild-water swimmer.

You can read more about Alex and her work at alexhallatt.com, or sign up for her epistle to get illustrated updates:

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A cheeky penguin who has his heart in the right place and a need to be loved.




Gordo is the laid-back-and-easy-going-dude penguin, who isn’t always on the right side of the law.





Ed is the geeky penguin. Very risk averse.



Hector is a ruthless Arctic tern who runs the bar and just about every other business in Snowpeak.



Howard is an intellectual snow bunny who takes himself a little too seriously.





Frank is a polar bear whose primary motivation is food.





Lenny is a very trusting and gullible lemming with hidden talents.