OMG: Arctic Circle Has Been in Syndication For Ten Years


Arctic Circle was picked up by King Features in 2006 and there followed a long period of development (where I sent off strips to my editor, Brendan Burford and he told me everything that was wrong with them). It launched in newspapers on August 27th, 2007. Here is the first week (I didn’t do the colouring back then, so the files I have are black and white):

the first comic strip the second comic strip the third comic strip the fourth comic strip the fifth comic strip the sixth comic strip

Some of the strips have a copyright notice for 2005. These ran in some Australian papers that year (thanks to the much-missed James Kemsley, who was an early champion of my work) and got through the King Features editorial process relatively unscathed (apart from a tidy up of the lettering).

As for any comic strip that is written and drawn for ten years, a lot has changed. I like to think my drawing has improved. I know that the characters have developed, both visually and in depth of character.

To show you how those characters have changed, here are a few of my favourites from over the last decade:

Arctic Circle consumerism cartoon Arctic Circle implants cartoon Arctic Circle ctrl-alt-delete cartoon Arctic Circle lawyer cartoon Arctic Circle pirate dvd cartoon Arctic Circle billy bass fish cartoon Arctic Circle airbnb cartoon Arctic Circle hybrid cartoon Arctic Circle cycle helmet cartoon Arctic Circle paper plane cartoon Arctic Circle bee cartoon Arctic Circle ufo cartoon

Thank you to all the Arctic Circle readers who have helped me realise my dream of being a syndicated cartoonist.


5 thoughts on “OMG: Arctic Circle Has Been in Syndication For Ten Years

  1. Hi Alex!
    When I saw your “Thank you for ten great years” I was afraid that you were ending Arctic Circle! When I read you article here I realized I was wrong! I am so happy because I really enjoy reading your strip every day.
    Congratulations on ten years!
    Pat Rochester

  2. Hi Alex,
    I’m not sure if you are reading this or not, but I just discovered your comic strip and just read this article. I just wanted to say this is one of my favorites strips now. I’m a cartoonist and animator myself and your work is a big inspiration for me. This kind of article is a big motivation to continue with my personal projects. Congratulations on the 10 years. I wish you many more years of wonderful work living your dream 🙂

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