2 thoughts on “Is It Time For Floating Suburbs? Maybe….

  1. Oh, the details! Take all the engineering issues of shipbuilding – things like leaks, storms, rocks (remember Costa Concordia?), icebergs (remember Titanic?), tsunamis… Add to that the engineering issues of cities, like clean water sources, energy distribution, sewage treatment, food provision and distribution… Take today’s floating cities – the big cruise ships – as an example, and study some of their horror stories, like fires in the mechanical support areas disabling power generation and water pumping, or viruses that spread quickly through the shared food supply, spreading illness. A project like a floating city would require so many things to be foreseen and dealt with in advance, which is ever so different from the way cities have developed through history!

    • Indeed, though I have over-simplified things for the sake of the comics…. I think this technology is fairly advanced in the Netherlands, where these kind of buildings don’t free float, but are able to move up and down (like hydraulics). It still requires flexibility in utilities, but it is possible and more resilient than bricks and mortar.

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