King Features’ Cartoonists’ Work Spaces


I love taking a look at where other cartoonists work and can never resist studio tours, which is why I asked intrepid KF reporter, Tea Fougner to investigate where other KF cartoonists work.

I love Terry LaBan’s attic, but Tony DePaul’s workspace was my favourite:


You can see more here:


2 thoughts on “King Features’ Cartoonists’ Work Spaces

  1. Hey! I just noticed this, Alex. Well, hauling around a drawing board would be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, I’ve got Paul Ryan and Terry Beatty to turn the words into art. I just need to carry the Macbook in a saddlebag to hold up my end of the deal.

    I took that photo at sunset while camped on Boysen Reservoir in Wyoming, after a long, rainy ride up from the North Platte River on the Nebraska/Wyoming line. I never did get around to writing up a road report on the Alaska trek but will put you on the notice list when I do.

    Cheers from frosty Rhode Island, USA,

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