Back From Spain


The boyf and I just spent a couple of weeks in Spain on a bit of a fact-finding trip. We are hoping to live there at some point and get our Spanish to a better level (we used it a lot on the trip, as most of our encounters were with people who didn’t speak any English). Enjoyed driving around the Basque country and La Rioja, eating amazing food and drinking fabulous wine.

San Sebastian: great beaches...


great food (pintxos: the Basque tapas)...

and art - what's not to love?

Getaria - super fresh seafood in this fishing village

I got addicted to the fresh anchovies: a penguin's favourite food!

We decided to visit Vitoria when I found that it was the Basque Green Capital. It was certainly a bicycle-friendly city and one I'd love to live in if it wasn't so far from the sea...

Loved all the preserved goods in this shop in Haro, La Rioja

Farm workers in the Rioja used to take shelter in these in bad weather

We drove into the hills and saw villages cut into the hillsides with terracing for growing vegetables and raising livestock

A highlight of the trip for me was seeing fossilised dinosaur footprints near Encismo

After three weeks away (we drove down through France from the ferry), I’ve got a lot of work to do, so I better get back to the drawing board…


2 thoughts on “Back From Spain

  1. When I visited France a couple of years ago, it was a relief that the locals were generally more willing to tolerate inept Anglophone tourists mangling their language than some Francophones are in the Canadian province of Quebec. How did you find the Spanish were responding to visitors (or potential future residents) who were not fluent?

  2. You can usually find someone who will speak English (and the owners of hotels, etc usually do). But they are much more tolerant of non-Spanish speakers than the French, so if you were alright in France, you’ll be hunkydory in Spain!

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