Making a Lightbox/Drawing Board


I’ve just made a lightbox that doubles as a drawing board. I’ve seen a few around and after a bit of research (thanks to SoulcraftCandy for the tip on opal acrylic), I got cracking. The house we are renting has a lot of wood offcuts (and a workbench) out back, so I used that to make the frame. I ordered the acrylic cut to A3 size and used a clip on light fitting and 23W CFL bulb as the light source (it’s not perfect for light distribution, but it does the job).

I used some old screws to put the wood together and went to my local ironmongers, Akerman’s, to get some fixing plates and some additional screws.

I love going in there – it is like The Two Ronnies sketch (if you haven’t seen it, watch the video linked to below – it’s a classic). The proprietor dresses just like Ronnie Corbett and there is the same level of wise-cracking. I asked “Can I have a dozen wood screws like this one?” and he paused, then replied “It’ll take me a while to get them as rusty as that.” I love that shop.

The Two Ronnies Fork Handles Sketch

So a few trips to Akerman’s and a lot of sawing and fixing (those blogs under the acrylic are sugru – like permanent Blu-Tack) later, I have my lightbox.

It’s not perfect, but it’s hell of a lot easier than holding my work up against a sunny window (especially with the weather we’ve been having…).


3 thoughts on “Making a Lightbox/Drawing Board

  1. You’ve gotta love shops like that. Looks like that one has been running forever, accumulating all those useful odds and sods (and knowledge!) that you would have no hope of finding in a big-box outfit!

  2. Hi Alex,
    Great to see you managed to make a light box, it’s good to know my tips were of use, and thanks for the little plug in your post. Lastly, please tell me where Ackermans is, I feel the need to go there just for the experience, B&Q is killing my brain.

    Wishing you all the best.

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