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  1. I know of two issues that prevent the implementation of large-scale tidal projects, one technical and the other environmental. A long-held scheme of using the Bay of Fundy for tidal generation is an example of both. The technical issue is scale: the simple mass of water passing in and out of the bay is enormous, and a structure has to withstand the forces generated under all conditions in all seasons, in both directions… and a failure under maximum stress could result in catastrophe. Environmentally, restricting flow in and out of the bay to maximize the period that the generators would operate, would drastically modify the tidal cycle on the upstream side, possibly disrupting the patterns upon which many lifeforms may depend for survival… including the tourism operators who use Fundy’s big tides as a major draw!

  2. You’re right, Bob – there are a lot more technical/environmental problems to overcome than with wind power. It is a shame that wind power is attracting so much opposition here – I find turbines beautiful and even an array of them are nicer to look at than a gas-fired power station!

    • I’m not impressed with most of the arguments against wind power, but I did read a report documenting the deaths of bats flying near the turbines. It seems that the pressure variations around the blades create pulses that can burst their lungs! The last I heard, they were trying to find a way to make the sound of the blades emit ultrasound that might repel the bats.

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