Arctic Circle on T-shirts


I had a nice surprise in the post this morning – John Zurawski of Authentify, sent me a couple of T-shirts with Arctic Circle on them. He had emailed the following and asked about the possibility of putting the strips on some promotional t-shirts:

I work for an smallish (35 employees)  Internet Security company.  We’re constantly pointing out some of the obvious dangers of the Internet to our customers and prospects.  I positively loved your Artic Circle comics of this past April 17th and 18th.  (with the expected outcome on the 19th/20th – but the 17th and 18th were the best.)

Three breeding pairs of Phoenixes… you’re a genius!

I referred him to the permissions department at King Features and we now have T-shirts. They look great (though I am a little distressed at the size of an American “medium”, *ahem*….)!

Close up of the two comics on the t-shirt


2 thoughts on “Arctic Circle on T-shirts

  1. There seems to have been some “inflation” going on in US clothing sizes in recent years…
    By the way, nice skylight in the photo! Is that your parents’ place, or have you gotten into your own digs?

  2. Yes, we moved into a house in Devon about a month ago and it has a great attic space where I have my studio. Complete with open fire and sea glimpses!

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