Working at Home… Back in the UK


After nine years in New Zealand and Australia, Billie and I are back in the UK (well, I’m back – it’s all new to Bill, though he is adjusting well and loves the English footpaths and pubs that allow him inside). The boyf is supposed to be with us, but because of a paperwork stuff up (less said about this, the better), he is in his native US, filling in a lot of forms and assembling a mass of documentation to prove that we are a true partnership and that he won’t run down the UK welfare state.

Billie on one of the many public footpaths in Dorset

Meanwhile, I’m in the cottage in which I grew up, trying to get some work done, as well as look for places to rent. There are a lot of distractions, as the Dorset countryside is beautiful.

Briantspuddle village

The childhood home

The woods behind Bladen Valley

My temporary (I hope!) work set up



2 thoughts on “Working at Home… Back in the UK

  1. The roof on the family home looks fascinating. Is that thatch? I’ve seen many places where the style of roofing is has a strong local following, and each one has specific strengths… and weaknesses. Where I live, asphalt shingles are common; in Iceland, corrugated metal is the usual standard; in coastal British Columbia, Canada, cedar shingles are popular (but they are horrible to extinguish!). From what I can gather, thatch roofs might not last as long as others but they are much easier to patch.

  2. Yes, it’s thatch and it is a fire risk. The folks have to have smoke detectors all over the shop. It also has to be replaced about every 20 years at a cost of 20,000 pounds!

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