Rejected Roughs of the Fortnight


This Sunday was rejected because

 This isn’t really an ARCTIC CIRCLE comic — it’s just a comic about the absurdity of Shakespearian actors, and you’ve used AC as the vehicle to tell the joke. If you’re going to do this, I don’t think you should use the Sunday stage. Do you object?

I don’t – he’s right – I wrote this after watching Hamlet.

And this daily has to go because it’s

Too suggestive of male enhancement. I think some newspaper editors/readers will object to you trying to sneak in something too “adult” for their taste.

I had to agree with Brendan on this, but editors have filthy minds…


4 thoughts on “Rejected Roughs of the Fortnight

  1. It’s really a terrible tragedy that Editors / Publishers are still living in the 50’s. This really does hamper an artists creativity. This is actually one huge reason why all us cartoonists create our strips. Seriously we need to be able to express our creativity to achieve our full potential. That’s why they call it Artistic Freedom. But alas, we must bow down to the individuals that are actually helping create the problem of dwindling newsprint.

    In my best reader friendly, 50’s acceptable dialogue for strips fit to print

    Thanks, you bunch of Tight @$$ editors for ruining our vision and hampering our Artistic Freedom! Go #@(% yourselves!

    (I’m 100% sure Tight @$$ as well as Go #@(% yourselves would be shot down also due to context) Ha,ha,ha!

    Thanks for letting me vent Alex, we now return you to your normal programming.

  2. Well you could, but that would probably cause a little friction over at King Features. That’s why I pulled my first feature from them. They always tried to get me to change my feature from the name itself to other aspects. I hung in there for three years before I just couldn’t take the huge hassle anymore. I will always be grateful to Mr. Yates though.

    Could my first feature be bigger than it is? Maybe. I think I did the right thing though. 33 years and counting drawing it (24 on the printed pages). WOO HOO! Next year the 25th anniversary!

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