Back of Envelope Cover Sketches


I’ve been sketching some ideas for the Arctic Circle Comics (An Introduction) cover. It needs to work on a small scale, for viewing on the iTunes bookstore, etc.

These are my three tryouts so far…

I’d love it if you could let me know what you think – you can vote anonymously, or leave a comment.


6 thoughts on “Back of Envelope Cover Sketches

    • Thanks, J. Yes, I want to show on first viewing that these penguins are immigrants to the Arctic Circle, but on reflection, the speech balloons are a heavy-handed way of doing it. I’m leaning towards parachutes – more action too.

  1. I think the parachutes one probably does the best idea of encapsulating the idea of the Penguins being the visitors. Might need to see a little more of the polar bear so that people get that they’re landing in a different arctic than they’re used to. (Most people probably unaware that penguins and polar bears usually are on opposite sides of the planet. 🙂

    I do like the second one, but maybe they could be dressed like tourists? Camera…map…DK Guide…goofy hat. That’d get the idea across…

    • Oh I like that idea of the tourist paraphenalia, yes! Though I’ll probably go parachutes (yes, probably need to pan up a little).

  2. Hey!

    I love the “Lab Burger” piece! I’m into chemistry and I enjoy dogs.

    But I wonder how many will pass the “Mayo Burger”. I know I have reservations on committing myself to it. {Get it? Mayo Clinic? ~ groans~}

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