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With my "volly" (volunteer - Aussies love abbreviations, abbrevos?), ChrisThe Melbourne Writers Festival has just come to an end and it was great to be involved this year. Oslo Davis edited a Drawn From Life newspaper of autobiographical cartoons, including mine. We started handing it out at Flinders St Station on Friday 26th August and I did a bit of live drawing (something I am not used to). I did even more on Friday when I was one of the “artists” in “Do Not Feed the Artists” in Fed Square. It was great to get over a personal fear of mine – drawing in public.

Fed Square Atrium

It was called "Do Not Feed the Artists", but a sweet guy took pity on me and gave me some of his lunch....which I then made a mess of...

As well as random visitors, the boyf and Pearl showed up

I was drawing my personal demons. This is one of twelve..


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