The Good Life on Tanna, Vanuatu


The boyf and I are back from two weeks in Vanuatu. We spent most of it on the island of Tanna and really enjoyed the pace of life there.

our hosts, Tom and Margaret, at Rocky Ridge Bungalows

Most buildings in Tanna are made from local materials

Our delicious bread came from this oven every day

Bananas and paw paw were the main part of our breakfast (I LOVED breakfast)

Coffee is grown on Tanna (roasted in Port Vila) and was really good

Joseph the gardener, who works with Tom and family on their smallholding

water taro

manioc (we loved this sliced and fried like potato chips)

island cabbage

yam mounds

transport is mostly by 4WD as the roads are super-rutted and washed out by the wet season rains

Most people go to Tanna for the volcano, so we had to have a look

It was spectacular

Food that wasn't from Tom's garden came from the local market in Lenakel

I loved the use of natural packaging - the way these mandarins were plaited onto a branch.

outrigger canoes are used for fishing off the reef

real recycling

My kind of holiday


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