Nibs and Noodlers


I’ve been having a play around with some new nibs. Got a big box of them in a second hand store in the ranges. There were two types in the box and I love the line of one of them.

drawn with a Timespen no.531 nib and Windsor and Newton ink

I’ve also been using a fountain pen with some Nooders ink, as recommended by illustrator extraordinaire, George Haddon and as noted from Mattias Adolfsson’s blog. It is great for sketching or drawing quick lines, but not good for going over pencil as it does erase a bit (unlike my dip pen ink, Windsor and Newton).

robot doodles drawn with noodlers ink in a Lamy fountain pen


2 thoughts on “Nibs and Noodlers

  1. Hey that is a nice line from those nibs! (great little doodle too!)

    I tried to order that Namika Falcon pen from Mattias’s blog but they won’t even order it into Canada for me. I’ll have to order it at some point from the US.

    • Get it sent to King Features and I’m sure Karen Moy (or whoever you deal with) will be happy to forward it on to you. Let me know how it goes….

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