Godzilla-ish comic strips


I’m working on a side project for Arctic Circle and this guy is heavily featured:

The Godzilla-ish series was written after news of the meltdowns in the nuclear reactors at Fukishima, post-tsunami. My editor vetoed any mention of Japan (even considering how far in advance I have to work), so it had to be toned down. Russian nuclear submarines have been in the Arctic (and probably still are) so they served as a useful prop, though it dilutes the storyline somewhat.

I was horrified to see what happened in Japan (especially coming hard on the heels of the personally felt NZ earthquake), but dismayed too to see how officials downplayed the seriousness of the reactor meltdowns, until they had no choice but to come clean, so to speak. If nuclear power is the answer to reduced carbon emissions, it has to be a LOT safer and we have to work out what to do with the waste. That’s a toughie.


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