Octopus Sunday Strip and Carnivore Quandaries

special bucket of octopuses at the cray shack

The penguins get their seafood at a shack based on the one in Kaikoura, New Zealand

This Sunday strip comes from a long-standing argument I have with my friend, Dale. Both of us eat meat, though we’ve cut down over the years. He thinks it is worse to eat octopus than pork because of the number of lives that are lost in doing so. I think it is better to eat octopus because pigs are more intelligent and octopuses tend to have a better life before it comes to an end.

The penguins eat octopuses

How can we eat octopuses when they are so intelligent...?

It really is an omnivore’s dilema.


4 thoughts on “Octopus Sunday Strip and Carnivore Quandaries

  1. But who says Pigs are more intelligent? My argument not only considered the number of lives dedicated to a single meal, but also the degree of intelligence per life. After reading “Sphere” by Michael Crichton (admittedly not necessarily a great source of zoological facts, but still, eh…), I also decided that it was better to eat squid than octopus, because, according to Michael, squids are relatively stupid. But then again, Michael also believes that we, and all life forms on the planet, are a result of intelligent design. Perhaps we should eat Michael?

  2. If we became veggo, I would have to insist that it is better to share 1 pumpkin between 4 people, than eat a bowl full of mushrooms per person.

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